Disconnected Kids, Reconnected Families with Dr. Robert and Carolyn Melillo

Every child and family deserves a chance at a great life. Even the toughest challenges can be overcome. This is Disconnected Kids, Reconnected Families with Dr. Robert and Carolyn Melillo.

In the second season, watch as a new family struggles to find balance for their son who regressed behaviorally after completing a session of the Brain Balance Program. Dr. Robert and Carolyn Melillo discover how dysfunctional family habits are contributing to the issues. They work closely with the family to create a more motivating and structured environment at home. Will they be able to help this family get back on track?

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This documentary-style, reality web series provides an in-home look at families who have children in need of intervention for conditions ranging from behavioral issues and oppositional defiance to autism and ADHD.  Watch as expert Dr. Robert Melillo and his wife Carolyn Melillo go into the home and get real with the families. Using decades of experience, they help these families not only face the issues head-on but also overcome their challenges and reconnect family.

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Mission Statement

To find children and families that are struggling with behavioral, learning and relationship issues who feel like they are alone, hopeless and broken . To restore hope and create a long term solution to all of their issues and give them the chance at a great life.

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