Dr. Robert Melillo Interview with Core Brain Journal

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The host of Core Brain Journal podcast, Dr. Charles Parker, interviews Dr. Robert Melillo about his work with Brain Balance Centers and neurobehavioral disorders of childhood.

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In the notes that follow the interview, Dr. Parker concludes:

“His [Dr. Melillo] experience with clinical results runs in the thousands, and with his strong academic background it’s interesting how easily he brings challenging concepts down to an applicable street level. Compassionate and caring, he steps up to make a difference.”

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  • Lisa Vento

    Hi ,
    My name is Lisa Vento . Since childhood I suffered with severe anxiety , digestive issues and although I loved to learn I struggled with fatigue , mental fogginess and reading comprehension which impeded my goals . At the age of 42 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and decided to forego conventional treatment . I overcame all these struggles with nutrition and alternative healing methods and recovered fully . This journey has inspired a passion in me to share this knowledge with others . I learned first hand about the gut brain connection and how you can heal both . I have become a health and wellness coach to help others improve the health of their mind and body . I especially would like to help children . I admire the work you’re doing to help children overcome these obstacles and feel I can contribute to the work you’re doing ! I would appreciate an opportunity to speak with you ! Thank you Lisa Vento

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