International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation


Dr. Robert Melillo is the founder of the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation (IAFNR) which was formed in 2010 to promote, protect and advance interdisciplinary scientific and clinical Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation Sciences at the national and international levels.

The Mission of IAFNR is to support and present world class research in the area of Functional Neurology.  We want to help provide answers to practical applications that have an immediate impact on these conditions.  This research is disseminated, promoted and published through our scientific journal, The Journal of Functional Neurology & Ergonomics, which is available with a membership into IAFNR.

The ultimate vision for IAFNR is a large world-wide organization that has a wide cross section of members from all different professional that are interested in understanding and learning functional neurology.  We want to engage our members to actively participate in clinical research themselves!  We envision a very active membership that understands the value of research and supports it in every way.

We are an organization that is always primarily focused on practical applications that will improve the health of suffering people, prevent illness and lower healthcare costs.  We are an organization of inclusion – all who wish to learn are welcome; there is no prejudice or professional bigotry.  Each professional has their place and plays an important role – no one is more important than the other.  Every member’s voice counts.

To learn more about the IAFNR please visit www.IAFNR.org.