Gain the skills & tools necessary to develop your own brain integration training and masterclass business. 



I have spent my life educating people at the highest level and that is great, but many professionals (especially in healthcare, education and mental health) are struggling financially. Unfortunately, post-graduate courses make you better, but they do not make you more money usually.

Over the past year, I have been saying that to truly become wealthy and financially independent you need to develop alternate sources of income. Even if you have a thriving business you need another stream of income. Ideally, it should be something you love and are passionate about and it should be lifestyle-friendly.


What I want to teach you is how to create a business and a substantial income by becoming an expert in your community or anywhere that can conduct lectures, workshops, and or individual or group masterclasses for other professionals, teachers, parents or anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier life.

To become a sought-after expert or coach you need two basic things: first, a unique and powerful concept and second, you and your story of how it has impacted you and others. These two things are a powerful message and your story which you are the world’s leading expert in. This is all you need with which you can build a whole new stream of income or new career that you can do from anywhere in the world.

My personal goal is to help you find your own personal greatness and use that to help others find theirs using the Brain Integration Model as the basis.


I built a huge practice when I was young. I loved treating patients, and I was very good at it. After a while I became a prisoner of my own success. I worked in my office all day, every day. I could not spend any time with my wife and kids. I wanted to travel; I wanted to write; I wanted to teach, but I couldn’t do that in my office all day. So I started teaching on weekends. I did research. I wrote books and created other businesses.

I have done this many times over – taken people even with no training to the point where they now own a center and have become experts in the hemispheric lifestyle. You can do this business from anywhere in the world and at any time. It is a lifestyle-friendly business that can supply with a substantial income with no or little overhead.


The key is to make this info accessible to everyone. Just like people promote the gluten free, paleo or ketogenic lifestyles that have become very popular, the hemispheric lifestyle is even more powerful.

This message needs to get out to the masses, and as it becomes more popular, there is going to be a growing need for experts or coaches to help and to answer questions.

Over the next year, a study out of Harvard and other things like the opening of Zac Brown’s Camp Southernground are going to change the public perception about the brain and the concept of brain imbalances. This needs to be brought to the masses, and I am looking for a few special people who can do that with me!



This 8 week course starts with a  group phone call / video chat once a week that will last from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. The first part will be conducted by myself alone and will be a somewhat structured learning course following a basic curriculum that will be somewhat flexible at first. This will be followed by a question and answer period where each person will get a chance to ask me their own personal questions. The rest of the group will listen to that interaction. I will try to get to each participant each time.

This course is a combination of both structured lessons and unstructured group learning and mastermind. Each person in this course has their own unique story and will develop their own audience. I will answer questions and give specific advice directed toward each person. Each person will also learn from listening to each other’s ideas and questions as that is the best part of being in a group. This will also form a worldwide networking group as we proceed. This is unlike any traditional course that I have given before or that you have taken! Much of the information will spontaneous and unique to each group. I truly believe this is the real power of this type of course.


The overall goal is to teach you the skills and give you the tools to develop a Brain Integration Training and Masterclass business. I promise to do whatever I need to so that you can develop the skills and confidence to become a top sought after expert in your community. Another goal is that you to start generating a stream of income by the end of this course. I will personally help you craft your message and your story with your own personal brain integration experience. Together, we will help you create a powerful message that you can use to bring into any community or business such as schools, churches, corporations, organizations. The background and training doesn’t matter – what you will receive is.

My personal goal is to help you find your own personal greatness and use that to help others find theirs using the Brain Integration Model as the basis.


    1. You will be trained in a practical program that you can use to improve and optimize your own health and find your personal greatness. We will help you become the best you, the real you that can serve as an example to others.
    2. You will learn how to develop a business where you can bring these skills and your life story to train others to do what you have done to change your life. This will allow you to develop an alternate stream of income or a new lifestyle-friendly career path that gives you flexibility of time and travel.
    3. You will learn how these same hemispheric principles can be used not only to correct problems, but also for personal and professional development and how to teach this to others to help them find and achieve greatness in their own lives.


The concept of brain imbalances is the most important discovery in mental and physical health and education ever. It gets to the core issue in most of the problems that affect children, adolescents and adults in everyday life.

Educating and promoting people in how to adopt a hemispheric lifestyle and teach people about hemispheric balance is a huge need and a great opportunity! It is new and exciting information to people and it finally makes “sense” to so many who have been searching for answers.

I am looking to put together a small group of people that have a great understanding of my work and the concepts of balancing the brain and teach them about a hemispheric lifestyle and how to promote this in their communities and beyond

I want to work with serious people that want to make a huge impact! This has been part of what I have been doing this year with the Better Than Good page and live event! I wanted to find and identify really serious and dynamic people to develop a team.


This can be used to increase your existing business and or your existing business can begin to supply you with clients for your new business. I will show you how to do this, and you can hear how others are doing this. Come join me in this exciting journey. Space is limited. Get started today!