New York Office

Dr. Robert Melillo now seeing patients in his office located just outside NYC. 


Appointments: (480) 926-1115
Email inquiries:

Dr. Robert Melillo is pleased to announce that he is now seeing both adult and children as patients at his office in New York. 

1. Contact us to make an appointment
2. Fill out protocol paperwork before confirmed appointment
3. Attend appointment for an exam (approx. 2 hours)
4. Full report, treatment program, and specific individualized program is confirmed and provided

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** If patients or families are traveling to NY, it can be arranged to have a daily intensive treatment in the NYC office and this can be arranged by the number of sessions and weeks that is recommended.  If patients are doing a home distance program, an initial follow-up call within 2-3 weeks will happen to review program and answer questions. For parents, you’ll be added to a parent group therapy group for bi-weekly follow up calls and you will be sent follow up forms monthly. (The Parent Support Group, has a separate charge associated with it because we do not want parents to think that is included.)