Dr. Robert Melillo now seeing patients in New York City at his Melillo Method Center. He is working with adults and children across a broad spectrum of disorders and conditions. Inquire below about booking an appointment. 


  • Adults with ADD or ADHD
  • Children with ADD or ADHD
  • Preconception programs for prospective parents.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders *Including non-verbal*
  • PANS
  • Tourette’s
  • Asperger’s
  • OCD
  • Dyslexia,
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Oher mental, attention, behavioral and learning disorders.

Dr. Robert Melillo is pleased to announce that he is now seeing both adult and children as patients at his office in New York City.

Over the past several years Dr. Melillo has spent his time primarily doing research, lecturing and writing books and scientific papers.  He has traveled all over the world seeing children and adults who had the most severe cases.  He has worked hard on developing new treatments, therapies, techniques and services to help these people and the results have been amazing.  He is now ready to implement these new programs for adults and children at his office in New York City.

If patients or families are traveling to NY, it can be arranged to have a daily intensive treatment in the NYC office and this can be arranged by the number of sessions and weeks that is recommended.  If patients are doing a Home distance program, an initial follow-up call within 2-3 weeks will happen to review program and answer questions. For parents, you’ll be added to a parent group therapy group for bi-weekly follow up calls and you will be sent follow up forms monthly. (The Parent Support Group, has a separate charge associated with it because we do not want parents to think that is included.)


1. Contact us to make an appointment by completing the form.
2. Fill out protocol paperwork before confirmed appointment.
3. Appointment will consist of an exam (approx. 2 hours)
4. Full report, treatment program, and specific individualized program and is provided.




How much does it cost to see Dr. Melillo?

To confirm an appointment you must pay the deposit of $500. The cost varies depending on the situation.  

1. If a patient is in NYC, we charge $1500 for the evaluation. Then they will usually come back for treatment 1 -2 times a week. That cost is around $375 – $350 per child per day. It also may depend upon how frequently they come in.

2. If a patient is coming from another location and traveling to NY, we usually try to get them to stay for a week program. The week program consists of the initial evaluation with Dr. Melillo, then coming back into the office for the rest of the week (3-4 days) for one-on-one treatment with Dr Melillo and training for the parents. Usually, this is $5000 for the week or $3500 each if there are 2 children.  This also includes follow up phone or Skype calls with him as needed.

Is seeing Dr. Melillo just like going to a Brain Balance Center?

The Brain Balance centers are a “cookie cutter” program. This means that if you child is right brain, they get program A and if your child is left brain they get program B. There is NO customization or personalization to their program. Many of the centers are not run by healthcare professionals at all, so they do not have the knowledge or training to customize the programs in any way. They do what their corporate office tells them to do and they are not allowed to change the program or do anything new. 

When you see Dr. Melillo you are seeing the person who created the entire method. His treatment with your child will be one-on-one and CUSTOM. No 2 kids will get the same treatment or therapies. He does it specifically as based upon what his examination findings found and what your child needs individually. He is ALWAYS researching and developing new tools and techniques. 

What is included in the appointment?

The first appointment will consist of an exam (approximately 2 hours). A full report, treatment program and individualized program will be provided.

Do you accept insurance?

No, we do not accept insurance.

I’m located outside of the US. How can I work with Dr. Melillo?

 Dr. Melillo does occasionally travel to other locations but it is based upon his schedule.