Profile of a Right-Brain Personality: An Infographic

With rare exceptions, slight imbalances in the brain exist in all individuals that label them either right-brained or left-brained. Understanding the functional responsibility of the two sides of the brain can help to figure out which side of the brain is stronger. The following provides a glimpse into what the personality of a person who is right-brained (left-brain deficient) is all about.

Right Brain Cognitive Strengths

Right-brain cognitive types tend to be our leaders. This is because they are “big picture” people. They can be just as smart as the next person but they don’t necessarily excel in school.  The right brain comprehends that the world is always changing and that nothing stays the same forever. It understands metaphor, symbolism, humor, and music. Imagination is stored here. It also houses the rules of social behavior and what society deems as appropriate behavior.

Right Brain Creative Strengths

Right-brain artists are better at abstracts and will create something out of their own mind that is unusual and does not actually exist in reality. Right-brain musicians are generally the songwriters, composing lyrics or taking old music and arranging it in a new and unusual way. Right-brain individuals are creative in big ways. They are idea people and inventive. They can create things in their minds.

Common Right Brain Career Paths

  • Architect
  • Artist
  • Athlete
  • CEO
  • Entertainer
  • Inventor
  • Novelist
  • Politician
  • Salesperson
  • Singer/songwriter
  • Teacher

Right-Brained = Left Brain Deficit

When the right brain dominates, it follows that the left brain is deficit in some way. The following infographic outlines common signs of a left brain deficit. To learn more about brain imbalance and how to assess how mild or severe your imbalance is, take a look at the Melillo Adult Hemispheric Checklist in Chapter 6 of the book Autism: The Scientific Truth About Preventing, Diagnosing, and Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders – and What Parents Can Do Now.


Dr. Robert Melillo Infographic | Left Brain Deficient


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