Taking Chances Will Make Big Changes

“If it doesn’t scare you it probably won’t be enough to change you “

What are you going to do this year to make this year different, better than the last? If you want this year to be different then you have to do something that is big and bold and different from what you have done in the past? Everyone is looking for a change in one way or another, what change do you want? Do you know how to get it?

One of the things that have always confused me is when someone comes to me either desperate or inspired and they ask me “How did you do it all, what the secret?” And then I tell them the answer and yet they don’t listen. Why don’t they just do it, it seemed like they were ready, I gave them the path, but why don’t they do it? I often come across people months, years later and they are exactly where they were. I wonder if they had just tried some of what I gave them they would be in a much better place but they did nothing and so they went nowhere. I am sure I am not the only one who gave them good advice, they didn’t listen to any of it. I have come to the conclusion that this happens to most people because they are listening to the negative thoughts in their own head instead of everything they know to be true. They know what to do, but this negative voice says” be safe, don’t do anything, just stay where you are”. And that is what they do, every year, the same mistakes, the same pain. They believe it is safer to stay the same than to change. You have to change to grow. For myself, I found that it helped me to force the change, do something bold, risky something that if I gave up in it would hurt but if I completed it would guarantee a huge change. Committing time, money, your comfort… these are the things you need to risk. Make a choice, take a chance, move… do something different, anything!

Don’t just stay where you are it is the worst thing you can do. Commit to something that will give you the tools to change, I think my coaching course is one option but there are many just do something big.