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May 29, 2019 at 7 pm EST


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Dr. Robert Melillo

As a clinician for over 30 years, Dr. Robert Melillo has worked with thousands of patients to help them balance their brain. He has trained over 10,000 professionals around the world with his revolutionary Melillo Method™ .  For the first time Dr. Robert Melillo is bringing teaching adults with ADHD how to overcome the symptoms and balance their brain.


  • About your own brain dominance, if you have a brain imbalance, and how and when it started.
  • How a brain imbalance could be impacting every aspect of your life.
  • The root cause of symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, impulsivity, lack of focus and other issues like learning and memory, depression, dyslexia, etc.
  •  How you can significantly improve or rid yourself of these symptoms and become the best version of you in every area of your life and in every way.


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My personal goal is to empower you on the path to recovery. Recently, I have been asked by many individuals if it is possible to rewire the brain to eliminate common ADHD symptoms like trouble with focus, motivation, forgetfulness, and anxiety. The answer is absolutely, yes.  It is not commonly known that ADHD is caused by an imbalance in the brain and that it is totally possible to strengthen weaker hemispheres.  I understand that if you are currently struggling with ADHD,  you may not know how to start recovery.  That is why I created this webinar so you can understand that healing is possible and within reach.

I hope to see you at my free webinar.


  • "Whether ADHD, autism, dyslexia or any number of neurobehavioral disorders affecting children, it is clear that what finally manifests represents the conspiracy of multiple events. As such, pursuing a multifaceted therapeutic approach as has been so deftly presented by Dr. Melillo offers up a welcome and efficacious contrast to myopia engendered in pharmaceutical monotherapy."

    David Perlmutter, MD
    David Perlmutter, MD New York Times bestselling author of Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar – Your Brain’s Silent Killers
  • “I have worked closely with Dr. Robert Melillo and the Brain Balance team for many years. I have seen firsthand the transformations in the lives of the children they serve. Brain Balance not only focuses on correcting their own unique neurological challenges but emphasizes the whole health of each child — from their individual nutritional needs to their need for special daily activities to embracing and enhancing their family life.”

    Daniel Goleman
    Daniel Goleman Author of Emotional Intelligence
  • “Dr Melillo is a true visionary in the area of childhood developmental disorders, and autism in particular. I have met with children and families whose lives have been transformed by his work. I know that his latest book will be another useful tool that will help others learn about and possibly prevent autism in their children in a way that only he can.”

     Zac Brown
    Zac Brown Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur
  • “Dr. Melillo’s books are a ray of hope. Jam-packed with scientifically grounded information on brain function and its behavioral correlates, they provide satisfying explanations that parents recognize as relevant to their experience. And because his work is further tied to a simple intervention program, it has the power and potential to revolutionize the field.”

    Michele Denize Strachan, MD
    Michele Denize Strachan, MD Behavioral Pediatrician Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Program, University of Minnesota
  • "Dr. Melillo, I wanted to write to you to thank you GREATLY. I've spent the day with the recordings from module one back in June (on Childhood Developmental Learning Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders). I've listened to the first session of day one 3 times already, and I so appreciate it. I did the same thing with the intro of your book "Disconnected Kids". I've listened to it on my drives to school many many times. It was important for me to write to you and thank you, not because I'll be the first to have done so, and not because I have a child who has benefited from your work. I want to thank you not just because of the work that you do, or the courses that you teach but the inspiration that is interspersed between the science and the clinical pearls. This course is creating an opportunity for those who haven’t been able to and for those who have to delve deeper into the most important and BEST-EVER "homework” assignment, which is to develop an awareness of our own patterns of behavior, as well as ways to correct them. This method of delivery and teaching inevitably attracts commitment from the audience and takes out every single excuse that one can come up with for not following through. So, thank you."

    Mahboubeh Hashemi
  • “Clinically innovative and academically grounded…brings a refreshing, hopeful, and scientifically responsible approach to the field of childhood neurological disorders.”

    Leslie Philipp Weiser, M.Ph., Ph.D.
    Leslie Philipp Weiser, M.Ph., Ph.D. Harvard Medical School
  • “Dr. Robert Melillo is one of those rare individuals who can unravel the seemingly unsolvable mysteries of neurobehavioral development with wisdom, compassion, and vast perspective. His unique, groundbreaking, and research-based approach to improving brain function introduces the process of unlocking each child’s potential.”

    Pamela D. Garcy, Ph.D.
    Pamela D. Garcy, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Professor of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Argosy University Dallas
  • “Dr. Melillo, one of the world’s leading experts in childhood developmental disorders, has organized the best scientifically referenced source of risk factors for autism, which all future parents should know about it. His book is a must read.”

    Datis Kharrazian, DC, DHSc, MS, MNeuroSci
    Datis Kharrazian, DC, DHSc, MS, MNeuroSci
  • “Dr. Melillo presents a very clear and educational view of how a child’s brain grows, from the bottom up…. This is without any doubt an amazing theory that will stimulate a great number of research protocols.”

     Dr. Calixto Machado, MD, PhD, FAAN
    Dr. Calixto Machado, MD, PhD, FAAN President Cuban Society of Clinical Neurophysiology
  • “Dr. Robert Melillo has unraveled the mysteries of brain organization and translated what we know into simple, practical therapeutic regimens to allow all of our children to reach their unlimited potential. He has produced a message of hope for parents of children, with clear, consistent, and significant results.”

    Prof. Gerry Leisman
    Prof. Gerry Leisman Director, The National Institute of Brain & Rehabilitation Science, Nazareth, Israel

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